The Bible, Homosexuality and Why I Keep Coming Back

Alaska Pride

Photo by User:Adam Carr, May 2006

I love stories.

It’s the best part of being a chaplain, getting to hear people’s stories every day. And it’s what I love most about the Bible – it’s an amazing collection of stories, poetry, letters, and more. That’s how I was introduced to the Bible as a child … the “Good Samaritan” who rescued a man beaten by robbers when the priests wouldn’t help. Zaccheus, the vertically challenged tax collector, who climbed a tree in order to see Jesus and ended up having dinner with him. Little David defeating the giant Goliath with his slingshot. The servant girl whose advice leads a military officer with leprosy to be healed.

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the Bible primarily as a weapon. It’s been used to tell us that our loving is sinful, that we ourselves are “an abomination.” And yet, I would bet that many of us really don’t…

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