Month: November 2015

Warmth in the cold

You could probably think of better things to do when it’s only 8 degrees outside, than go for a run with the dog.

But the dog thought it was a great idea, and after all, it was a very sunny 8 degrees.

Jack Dog in snow

And sometimes, even or especially when it’s 8 degrees out, you need to do something hard just because you can.

When people are dying all over, when the bad guys seem to have the upper hand, when there is simply too much sadness and the sun only comes out for a few hours, sometimes you have to run at 8 degrees.

Greet the light while it’s present. Feel the cold blast the inside of your nostrils, and run. Because you can. And you aren’t alone. Greet the other runners, with their frost-tipped hair under warm hats. Watch ice skaters and budding hockey players skate and fall and get back up.


Westchester Lagoon
Notice the sparkle of the sun on the ice crystals. Everything is sparkly. And you can go farther than you think you can, even if you walk more than you meant to. 

The mountains still stand. The sun still shines. Fleece and down and keeping moving keep you warm enough. And another day will dawn. And there will be more beauty, always, perhaps even where there is also suffering. 

One foot in front of the other. Because I can.