Not perfect

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Only, none of it has made it past the covers of my journal. So one of my goals is to blog more, and in particular, worry less about writing “the perfect post.” That stops me a lot, thinking I need my thoughts to be completely, articulately, beautifully formed, to the point that I don’t even start to write. I want to remember that blog posts can be short, they don’t have to be perfect, and there can be beauty and gift in capturing a moment. Kind of like life.

There are probably a lot of things I missed, because I was afraid I wouldn’t do them perfectly. 

I’ve also noticed lately that I’m unaccustomed to paying close attention to what my heart wants. I mean, there are some things my heart clearly yearns for — relationship, family, joy. But in the meantime, I’m often not sure what it is that I want, and instead, simply fall into routines. Doing what’s easy (which, especially when I’m weary, is often Facebook, television, games on my phone), rather than paying attention to and acting on what my spirit wants, which generally requires more intentionality.

I have a bit of a conundrum in that I want to pay attention to the yearnings of my spirit, but at the same time, not grip those desires so tightly that I’m lost when they aren’t met. 

With that, my Lenten resolution is about living more lightly — I hope to write more on this later, but for now, a key point is that I didn’t want a single thing that I would either succeed or fail at. Rather, I’d like to explore living more lightly — with my heart, on this earth, with intention. 

Today, I knew that Jack Dog and I needed to get outdoors. We weren’t far from sunset, so opted for Far North Bicentenniel Park, where we hiked a couple miles. What a happy dog!

I noticed beautiful birch trees, bark torn by local hungry moose.

  I admired the deepening colors of the sky.

I stopped to take this picture.

  When I came back to the trail, I realized Jack was also off exploring. I called him, and he quickly returned to the trail, a ways ahead of me. Only instead of returning, he paused. Was that another dog he discovered?


A moose.

He normally isn’t interested in moose, but this one caught his attention. Suffice to say that I was very relieved when he finally responded and returned to me.  

See that moose behind Jack on the trail? Glad she decided to stay there, and that Jack decided to come back!
 Finished the walk grateful — no moose stompings, happy dog, happy girl, and so much beauty. And my spirit is always nourished by beauty. May you find beauty in this day as well.

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