Sermon: Come Near, Neighbor.

A sermon from my friend Ian McConnell, reflecting on what it means to be and to see a neighbor. Much needed thoughts during these difficult, grief-filled, angry, helpless feeling days.

lingering in love

Again, God weeps, and says “this is not what it means to be a neighbor.”

I have to admit it: I’m feeling particularly fragile this morning. On Wednesday night, my wife Rachel and I heard about the shootingof Philando Castile only two miles from our home, and decided to stand with the grieving community that was beginning to gatherthere. I’ve been thinking about this morning’s text for a couple weeks, and have now been confronted by the importance of this story, told by Jesus to a person perhaps very much like many of us—a religious “expert”trying to be righteous without really having to do anything righteously.

And so I think it’s worth saying that I firmly believe that this text is not about how to be like the Good Samaritan. This text is, however, a command from Christ himself to reconsider who our neighbors are, and what it means to

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