Lost Lake

The fact is, I didn’t actually find Lost Lake during this late August hiking trip.**

I almost didn’t get to the trail at all… My 8 a.m. departure time for the drive to Seward got delayed for three and a half hours by a leaky tire.

I thought about changing my plans, choosing a closer destination. But my heart was set on this trail.

The first time I encountered the Lost Lake trail was a rainy overnight backpacking trip.


Gorgeous. And wet and cloudy.

My second time, that same summer  five years ago, was the Lost Lake Run, a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis research. Again, gorgeous.


And again, rainy. Cloudy. Muddy.

This summer, I’m some 20 pounds heavier and easing my way back into running.

But as John Muir famously said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” I was determined to see the trail in the sunshine this summer. And, well, August is coming to a close, and the sun is shining, so…

Two minutes into the hike, through the first miles of lush forest, Jack Dog and I were in heaven.


Waterfalls. Moss-covered trees. Ferns everywhere. Blueberries perfect for picking and snacking.

I’m not sure who was happier, me or my dog.


But there was one particular thing I looked forward to. It’s the reason I chose to hike in from the Seward side rather than the Primrose Campground side, even though it would have been a shorter drive. I remembered the last two rainy days I’d been on the trail, and how incredible it was to suddenly look out and see Resurrection Bay, beyond Seward. I wanted THAT view. And I got it.


We got home late, and I was pretty tired during that drive. But SO worth it. And can’t wait till the next time we’re back on that trail. Maybe this time we’ll have a sunny day AND get to the lake.

**Not only did I not find Lost Lake, I then lost the blog post. But how lovely to come back to it two months later and recall this lovely hike! Hope you enjoyed the memory as much as I did!


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